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To reach Silvi is simple. In highway, in airplane or in train, the trip is always easy and pleasant. Ample and capillary it is also the inside road and railway net, that allows transfers from a place the other in brief times.

Highway A14 - gone out Pescara North + 3 Kms S.S. 16

It prepares the road itinerary with VIA MICHELIN



The nearest station is Silvi Marina. In this station however they stop only the local trains.
To 12 Kms the station of pescara is found where they stop national and international trains. You see Schedules on Railroads Of the FERROVIE DELLO SATATO.
From this station there is a good service of bus that depart for Silvi Marina every 30 minutes.
To consult the schedules on ARPAONLINE



To alone 15 kms. from Silvi Marina there is the airport in Pescara where they land flights from almost all europa. From the areoporto the bus n can be taken. 35 (part every 10 min.) and to reach the railway station in Pescara, from quì to take the bus Blue coor that brings toward Silvi. To go down to the stop "Motel Boston" (part every 30 min.) to consult to the right the schedules on From the stop to 50 meters on by Giving Alighieri, to 40 meters you will find the entry of the residence.